Growing biodegradable packaging in a sustainable way

As we strive to rid the world of plastic packaging material, a deep-tech material start-up has come up with a product that could help corporates shift to alternative material that is completely sustainable.Get more news about Biodegradable Packaging,you can vist our website!

Alternative material
Delhi-based Dharaksha Ecosolutions offers biodegradable packaging that could be a replacement for thermocol and plastic made from the humble paddy straw. Yes, paddy straw — the same material that is hotly debated every year before the onset of winter since it is the source of severe air pollution as farmers in north India resort to stubble burning to clear their land to prepare for the next crop.

The young founders, Arpit Dhupar and Anand Bodh, started their journey in 2019 with the aim of addressing both air and plastic pollution. The research led to a proprietary biotechnology process through which packaging material can be produced that can biodegrade in 60 days in normal soil conditions. Their work was incubated at the Regional Centre for Biotechnology.

The process
So, what exactly is this technology? Dhupar, the CEO explains the process. Crop stubble waste is first cut into finer pieces. This is hydrated by adding water creating a nutritious paste. The material is steamed in bags in order to be sterilised, so that most biological activity causing microorganisms that are present die. Along with this process, spores of the mushroom culture are created, and these can withstand heavy temperatures, hence they survive.

The bags are then sent inside a clean room where the spores also function like seeds. They germinate and mycelium of the strain starts growing on it. The mycelium starts eating the material as its food and starts spreading its fibre-like structure over the bag and once the growth is complete in the bag, the material is transferred to moulds where the mycelium grows further and takes the shape of the required mould. Once the growth is complete, the mould is taken out and sent to the oven where the culture is completely neutralised, leaving behind a bio-fabricated material that can be used as an alternative to thermocol.

“It took two years to solve the technical challenges,” says Dhupar. A time well spent as the product has a host of illustrious investors and the companies showing interest include V-guard, Dabur, Pernod Ricard, Nestle and Lowe’s.

Bacardi rum bottles, Skittles sweet wrappers, designer water bottles — a bevy of companies are developing biodegradable plastic packaging they say is better for the environment than traditional plastics.

While experts agree we should use less plastic in any form, some say as long as plastics are here to stay, we should be using degradable materials — and also pushing governments to help us dispose of them.

But amid confusion about what is or isn’t biodegradable, and in the absence of proper disposal facilities, some fear these “magical” solutions could lead to further environmental havoc and even encourage more wasteful consumption.

“People tend to believe they’re contributing to the protection of the planet while buying these products, but it’s not at all the case,” said Gaelle Haut, EU affairs coordinator at Surfrider Foundation Europe.

Synthetic petrochemical plastics can linger in the environment for hundreds of years.

Biodegradable plastics generally break down quicker but they do need to be disposed of correctly, whether it’s in an industrial compost facility or a home compost, Haut said.

But most people don’t have access to such facilities, meaning biodegradable plastics generally end up in recycling centers or landfills — or worse, the environment.


Glass beads on moon’s surface may hold billions of tonnes of water

Tiny glass beads strewn across the moon’s surface contain potentially billions of tonnes of water that could be extracted and used by astronauts on future lunar missions, researchers say.Get more news about china glass beads,you can vist our website!

The discovery is thought to be one of the most important breakthroughs yet for space agencies that have set their sights on building bases on the moon, as it means there could be a highly accessible source of not only water but also hydrogen and oxygen.

“This is one of the most exciting discoveries we’ve made,” said Mahesh Anand, a professor of planetary science and exploration at the Open University. “With this finding, the potential for exploring the moon in a sustainable manner is higher than it’s ever been.”

More than half a century after humans last walked on the moon, Nasa and other space agencies are preparing for a return. Nasa’s Artemis mission aims to put the first woman and the first person of colour on the moon, while the European Space Agency has plans for a moon village. Both expect to draw on lunar materials to sustain their off-world bases.

Anand and a team of Chinese scientists analysed fine glass beads from lunar soil samples returned to Earth in December 2020 by the Chinese Chang’e-5 mission. The beads, which measure less than a millimetre across, form when meteoroids slam into the moon and send up showers of molten droplets. These then solidify and become mixed into the moon dust.

Tests on the glass particles revealed that together they contain substantial quantities of water, amounting to between 300m and 270bn tonnes across the entire moon’s surface.

“This is going to open up new avenues which many of us have been thinking about,” said Anand. “If you can extract the water and concentrate it in significant quantities, it’s up to you how you utilise it.”

Hints that the moon might not be an entirely arid wasteland have emerged from previous missions. In the 1990s, Nasa’s Clementine orbiter found evidence for frozen water in deep, steep-sided craters near the moon’s poles. In 2009, India’s Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft spotted what appeared to be a thin layer of water bound up in the surface layer of moon dust.

The latest research, published in Nature Geoscience, points to fine glass beads as the source of that surface water. Unlike frozen water lurking in permanently shaded craters, this should be far easier to extract by humans or robots working on the moon.

“It’s not that you can shake the material and water starts dripping out, but there’s evidence that when the temperature of this material goes above 100C, it will start to come out and can be harvested,” Anand said.

The water appears to form when high-energy particles streaming from the sun – the so-called solar wind – strike the molten droplets. The solar wind contains hydrogen nuclei, which combine with oxygen in the droplets to produce water or hydroxyl ions. The water then becomes locked in the beads, but it can be released by heating the material.

Further tests on the material showed the water diffuses in and out of the beads on the timeframe of a few years, confirming an active water cycle on the moon.

According to Prof Sen Hu, a senior co-author of the study at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, such impact glasses could store and release water on other airless rocks in the solar system.

“This work adds to the growing consensus that the moon is more water-rich than previously thought,” said Ian Crawford, professor of planetary science and astrobiology at Birkbeck, University of London.

“This additional reservoir of lunar water could prove a useful resource in areas that are distant from the presumed polar ice deposits, but we should not over-estimate the amount of water present, which is at most 130 ml per cubic metre of lunar soil.”

Solid lubricating bearings are widely used

Oil-free self-lubricating bearings means that no oil is needed. It is no need to add oil or less oil. The goal of our research is to ensure that the bearings can still show good performance under this working condition and extend their service life as much as possible. Its working principle is that in the initial operation stage, the solid lubricant on the bearing surface forms a transfer film due to the friction between each other and covers the counter-wear part, and finally forms a solid lubricant film to achieve the purpose of self-lubrication, which cuts off the workpiece The direct contact between them can protect the grinding parts and extend the service life of bearings and workpieces.Get more news about oil lubricated guide bush,you can vist our website!
Therefore, this kind of bearing is used in many ways in our lives. It needs extra oil supply device in special environment, which can reduce the running cost of bearing, reduce equipment downtime and maintenance, and make the maintenance of machinery more convenient. Therefore, it is currently used in many fields such as light industry machinery, heavy industry machinery, construction machinery and so on, and it performs perfectly in our lives.
Hongda Bearing is composed of Jiashan Hongda Composite Bearing Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Hongda Self-Lubricating Bearing Co., Ltd., an entity enterprise specialized in producing various types of series of oil-free bearings. With an annual output of more than 50 million sets of oil-free bearings of various specifications, the indicators are among the best.
he main products JDB inlay series bearings, copper sleeves, skateboards, rough series, FB090 series bearings, JF800 bimetallic series bearings, SF series self-lubricating bearings and other ten series of products, the company passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management in September 2001 Certification. All indexes of product quality are qualified in the sampling of Technical Supervision Bureau.
Products are widely used in various mechanical transmission parts. Such as: automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, electrical appliances, light industry, chemical industry, hydraulic machinery, hydraulic machinery and other fields, well received by the majority of users. "Creating value for customers is the core of all our work", the company welcomes friends from all walks of life to establish business relations with us, sincere cooperation and common development.

Do Tech Toys Hurt Baby's Language Development?

As overwhelmed and sleep-deprived parents know, giving your baby a screen is an easy way to secure 10 minutes of quiet time. But a study in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that infants who play with tech toys featuring flashing lights and computerized talking and music—instead of traditional wooden playthings—tend to have a decreased quality and quantity of language. Are these claims true? We spoke with two behavioral pediatricians to find out.Get more news about music instrument toy manufacturer,you can vist our website!

The Benefits of Play
For babies and toddlers, the benefits of play are widespread. “Play presents an opportunity to develop cognitive skills, social skills, abstract thinking, motor skills, and much more. It helps your child move forward,” says Heidi Feldman, M.D., Ph.D., the division chief of developmental-behavioral pediatrics at the Stanford University School of Medicine. And when it comes to your child’s development, she says certain toys are better than others—specifically traditional, simple toys that allow your child to exercise their creativity.

“Imaginative play helps babies with new ideas,” says Laura Phillips, PsyD, ABPdN, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Child Mind Institute. She mentions one of the best types of toys for brain development: wooden blocks. Not only do blocks improve fine motor skills, but they also encourage your child to problem-solve and use their imagination.
Tech Toys: Are They Good or Bad?
For the study in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers looked at parents and their babies (aged 10 and 16 months) playing at home. They noticed less verbal interaction between parents and children when an electronic toy was involved. Babies who played with books and more traditional items, like wooden blocks, tended to exhibit more back-and-forth "chatter" with their parents.

Dr. Phillips backs this up: "Emerging research suggests that language develops optimally in an interpersonal context," she says. "There are studies showing that children acquire more vocabulary terms when talking with parents than listening to ebooks or TV shows." Little kids learn best from human interaction, not with iPads, video games, and other flashy technology objects.

Analog toys require interaction
Tech toys don't have the same developmental benefits as traditional old-school playthings. "It takes a lot more effort and fine motor control to drag a crayon across a coloring page than drag a finger across a tablet," says Dr. Philips. Technology-based toys also limit creativity since they don't inspire kids to use their imaginations.

Giving your child wooden blocks or other analog toys requires them to interact using their senses and imagination. Any chance to stretch that imagination is also a chance to learn, and the more your child plays with their imagination, the better they get at it.

Watching a video won't teach them, for example, how to problem solve, accept failure, and understand cause-effect relationships in the same way building blocks can. Another downside of tech toys is that children might get so accustomed to the stimuli that they'll find simpler toys less appealing, which could lead to attention span issues down the road.

Balancing screens with analog activities
Parents don't need to prevent their children from using tech toys despite this information. Instead, they should vary the types of toys their children play with. "Tech toys aren't dangerous to an infant's cognitive development, but they might replace activities that are helpful," summarizes Dr. Phillips. "Children will be drawn to stimulating flashy toys, but there needs to be variety, and kids should be exposed to simpler toys also." So go ahead and let your child spend a few minutes on the screen—then follow up with some quality parent-child bonding time with books and wooden blocks.

High Speed Automatic Pile Turning Machine Litho Stacker

Endless innovation, providing high-quality standard Selling Die Cutting Machine, Cardboard Flute Lamination Machine, Digital Die Cutter products. We spare no efforts to introduce the international standardized management system into our companies. We gain much affirmation and compliment from the public. Self production and sales, strong price advantage, strong technical force and thoughtful service, is your choice. We pursue the continuous innovation of products, build a high-quality staff, provide stable and high-quality products as the goal, in line with the principle of win-win, and create a better future with customers.Get more news about litho flute laminator with stacker,you can vist our website!

Paper Sheet Turner and Stacker is widely used in the production logistics line of color boxes, printed boxes and other industries.

01. The Automatic Paper Pile Turner is the auxiliary equipment of flute laminator. It can automatically receive paper in cooperation with the flute laminator and stack the fluted paper

according to the set quantity. It has the functions of intermittent paper turning, positive and negative stacking, orderly stacking, etc. It can save time and labor to the maximum, reduce

labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

02. The paper can be received in one positive and one negative direction or all positive and allnegative directions.

03. There are counting mode and thickness mode for each paper receipt.

04. The paper can be output automatically after paper receiving.


Piston compressor is a kind of piston reciprocating motion to make gas pressurization and gas delivery compressor mainly consists of working chamber, transmission parts, body and auxiliary parts. The working chamber is directly used to compress the gas, the piston is driven by the piston rod in the cylinder for reciprocating motion, the volume of the working chamber on both sides of the piston changes in turn, the volume decreases on one side of the gas due to the pressure increase through the valve discharge, the volume increases on one side due to the reduction of air pressure through the valve to absorb the gas.Get more news about nitrogen compressor exporter,you can vist our website!

Nitrogen compressor is the main product of our company, with mature technology and high stability. It mainly includes large and medium-sized natural gas compressors. The exhaust pressure is from 0.1MPa to 25.0MPa, and the exhaust volume is from 0.05m3/min to 20m3/min. There are Z type, D type, V type, W type and other types of compressors for users to choose, as well as explosion-proof nitrogen compressors for users to choose.

Ingersoll Rand unveiled its new MSG TURBO-AIR NX 5000, an oil-free air and nitrogen compressor that provides manufacturers and producers improved total cost of ownership through optimized energy efficiency and operational flexibility, it says. The compressor generates 100% oil-free air or nitrogen that meets IS0 8573-1 standards. The equipment’s long life, easy maintenance and ability to adapt to a wide span of air capacity requirements make the TURBO-AIR NX 5000 a fit for instrument and process applications in food and beverage, pulp, paper and textile production and more. Additionally, the centrifugal compressor generates oil-free air 5% more efficiently than past models, enabling users to more quickly see a return on their investment. Built on a time-tested design, the TURBO-AIR NX 5000 is rated for powers from 600 kW to 1,050 kW (800–1,400 hp) with flows from 125 to 210 m3/min (4,500–7,500 CFM) and pressures from 2.5 to 14.5 barg (35-210 psig). The innovative design features a 35% turndown range, driving energy efficiency and flexible operations.

Wireless Headphones: What Features Should They Have?

The wireless headphones They are a technological element that connects to a devicewithout using cables and is placed inside the ear in order to transmit the signal of Audio by radio or infrared signals depending on the device.Get more news about infrared headphone manufacturer,you can vist our website!

These have become a tool for young people and adults, as they use them every day to work, exercise and even in their leisure time. They tend to be more popular with gamers because they give freedom of movement without worrying about the cable. In addition, they are very comfortable when training and even to see television at home, without disturbing others.
wireless headphone technology
Technological evolution currently allows us to have small, ergonomic hearing aids with avant-garde styles and great aesthetic beauty.

In addition, they have amplification elements and adaptive characteristics that achieve signals with natural sound quality and exalted speech input.

In the same way, they allow discriminating and achieving clarity of language in noisy environments and group conversations.

How is it achieved? Through chipset, memories, batteries, antennas, led indicator, speaker, microphone, sensors, infrared, Bluetooth and DECT technology. All of these tools make it easy to connect to a smartphone, stereo speakers, TVs, game consoles, computers, or other electronic devices.

That is, it is only necessary for the headphones to receive the audio signals via Bluetooth, for which it will be necessary to synchronize or connect the devices wirelessly.
According to experts in the field, what determines the sound quality of wireless headphones is the quality of the transducers, the internal amplifier, the DAC and its connectivity.

But other parameters also have an influence, such as drivers. These are the speakers in each headset and their quality depends on their design and construction. Therefore, the larger the shells, the more space they have to house the drivers and this translates into a richer and more nuanced sound.

That is, headphones with drivers larger than 40 mm usually offer better sound quality.

Its wireless connectivity depends in most cases on Bluetooth, and based on this, models 5.0 or higher are recommended because they improve the range, the speed of data transmission and of course the sound quality.

It is also suggested that you check that they are compatible with the aptX codec (96KHz and 24 bits).

This is a compression algorithm developed by Qualcomm to transmit audio with the best possible quality in the limited bandwidth of a Bluetooth connection, that is, so that the audio quality is the best when transmitted wirelessly.

How to Make a Pouf

This project was made with less than 2 yards of fabric and about half a 3.5 cu. ft bag of bean bag pellets per pouf.Get more news about upholstery pouf wholesaler,you can vist our website!

The video tutorial will show you step by step how I planned out and sewed my pouf. You can use your pouf for extra seating or as a footrest.

What a fun way to add a little color to your room!

From the pictures below you can see that my grandchildren love them too. I hope you will share pictures of your finished pouf with me.
What is a Pouf anyway?
Call it a cushion. Call it an ottoman. Yet a pouf is so much more! A versatile furnishing that can be round, cylindrical or cube-like, the pouf is often used for extra seating, and it can pull table and footrest duty as well. But you may not realize how many other perks a pouf can bring home. In fact, we’re often much more bold and daring when it comes to our accent furnishings than large pieces like the sofa.
This collection is composed of two and three-seater sofa, right and left hand curved sofa, two-seater small sofa, armchair and small armchair, both either fixed or swivelling, and pouf.‎ Fixed cover for structure and removable for cushions, in fabrics and leathers of the collection, for sofas and armchairs; fixed cover for structure and cushion, in fabrics and leathers of the collection, for small sofa and small armchairs.‎

Sofas and pouf structure: composite rigid polyurethane with elements in poplar plywood and elastic belts
Armchair and small armchair structure: foam with metal frame and elastic belts
Padding: multi-density polyurethane foam and fibre
Base: medium-density wooden conglomerate panel
Base finish: matt lacquer, 04 black
Feet: grey felt pads
Castors: only on small armchair without swivelling mechanism, self-blocking round casters, white colour
Swivelling base on armchair: swivelling base without spring return mechanism
Swivelling base on small armchair: steel swivelling base with spring return mechanism, painted natural aluminium RAL 9006

Best CBD Vape Cartridges: Top 5 Brands of 2023

In order to have a great vaping experience, you will need to have some good quality cartridges. It’s a common misconception that vaping is just for those who want to get high. It can be used for a relaxing CBD kick instead.Get more news about Cbd Cartridge,you can vist our website!

Of all the different ways you can use cannabis, vaping might just be the healthiest and safest. It minimizes the damage to your lungs and lets you experience the effects of CBD in a smooth manner.

The cartridges we will be discussing shortly are all disposable and filled with CBD e-juice. It cannot be overstated how convenient this makes it to unwind with them after a long day of work. They can be powered via a battery.

You’ll find that these cartridges come in a good number of flavors to cater to all tastes. Having more than one flavor is sure to leave you wanting more every time you use your vape pen. There’s really no saying which flavor is the best – they are all unique and exciting.

However, in order to save you the time and effort required to browse reviews over the internet, we have compiled a list of our picks for the best CBD cartridges available today.
How We Compiled This List
There are a few considerations we took into account before we compiled this comprehensive list of CBD cartridges. Following are a few of the aforementioned factors:

Positive Reviews
It’s always a good idea to go ahead and read some reviews from actual customers before you buy a product. This is especially true for vape cartridges as so many of them out there aren’t exactly what they claim to be.

Therefore, it is not surprising that most consumers rely on authentic reviews to help them decide whether or not they should purchase a specific product. However, reading online reviews is a long, cumbersome process, and not everyone has the time for it.

So, to make things easier for you, we have scoured through adequate online reviews to ensure we’ve only listed highly recommended products.

The Ingredients
Artificial ingredients used in some CBD vape cartridges are cause for concern among health-conscious users. This is not without good reason either. Some of the ingredients used in vape cartridges can cause problems in your lungs and other organs.

An excellent way to ensure that the CBD cartridge you’re using is not designed to damage your body would be to check the list of ingredients that go into it. In this case, we’ve done the homework for you and only listed those products that had their ingredients clearly listed out.
5 Best CBD Vape Cartridges to Buy Online
Since there are absolutely scores of CBD cartridges out there, it can be difficult to discern which one would suit your needs. However, you don’t really need to be experienced at vaping to pick the right CBD cartridge for you.
1. Cheef Botanicals – Highest Quality & Best Overall
Cheef Botanicals earned our top spot as their CBD cartridge has a rich blend of flavors. You’ll find that their products are made using only the highest quality Cannabidiol and other natural ingredients.

2. JustCBD – Wide Variety of CBD Cartridges
JustCBD has one of the widest assortments of flavors of any vape cartridge available today. They have everything from watermelon and Pineapple to Diesel and Northern Lights – that’s how diverse their range is.

3. CBDistillery – Best Vape Juice
These high-quality vape juice is made using authentic, industrial hemp. It’s one of the best CBD juice for those who have reusable vapes or cartridges. These juices are absolutely packed with flavor.